Uses Of Tilt Tray Trucks And Its Benefits

Tilt trat trucks

Moving heavy load from one place to another is always a challenge. But, it is a challenge that the towing companies have taken up with pleasure. They have come up with innovative solutions to all the towing troubles that you can possibly have. Whether it is your vehicle that is badly damaged in an accident or heavy machinery for a factory, these trucks can carry several tons of load. If you are looking for easy and reliable transportation of heavy load, call Gecko Logistics for tilt tray transport in Perth.

It is the design of these tilt tray trucks that make them so convenient to move heavy duty items. According to the tray or movable flatbed that extends to the ground makes the shifting of heavy objects easier. Here, we are outlining some of the uses and benefits of tilt tray trucks:

Ease of loading
The tray in these trucks can be tilted to make it easier for you to drive the damaged vehicle onto the flatbed (if it is in a drivable condition). Alternatively, we can use a forklift to pick up a heavy object and place it on the flatbed as well. The back of these trucks is open making it more convenient to load odd-shaped objects into it. Thus, farm machinery and building equipment are transported on these trucks.

Cost factor
Though the tilt tray truck would seem to be more expensive than towing trucks, they make up for it with the convenience they offer in transporting the entire heavy load in one go. Also, it works out much cheaper than driving down other vehicles to the location.

Moving expensive loads
If you are planning to move vehicles that are of vintage quality and do not want to risk damaging them in any way, the best option would be to hire a tilt tray truck. Towing vintage vehicles using the wheel-lift method may cause damages which would be difficult to repair. Driving them onto the flatbed and securing them properly will ensure a hassle-free delivery of these expensive goods. If a new and expensive model of car is being delivered to a customer then using this truck will prevent mileage from running up and you can hand over a brand new car.

Hydraulic lift usage
Since the tilt tray trucks use hydraulic lifts to operate, they can be used to load several tons. Large loads can easily be driven onto the truck or can be placed on the flatbed using a forklift without much difficulty. After loading, all you need to do is push a button to flatten the tilted tray and to drive away the truck to the destination.

Safety considerations
Ordinary towing services pose some danger to the other motorists on the road as they have a tendency to sway while being transported by dragging on the two front wheels. Also, the driver of the tilt tray truck can have a better rear view as there is no vehicle being towed that impedes the driver’s vision.

With all these factors, it is easy to tilt everyone’s favor towards tilt tray trucks.

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