Pool Pump Ratings and Reviews


Are you a proud swimming pool owner? Well, you need to maintain it in the best manner to enjoy every day. If you have already installed a swimming pool, you need to manage its electricity and maintenance expenses. It is best to install energy efficient pumps that will help you to enjoy the pool various ways.

The energy efficient pool pump uses less energy when you set in low speed. It also reduces the flow rate. When there is lower flow rate, there will be reduced pressure in pool plumbing. It increases service life and reduces unnecessary expenses. It helps salt chlorinators and automatic chemicals dosers to function more effectively and improves filter efficiency. It helps to save maintenance expenses for your client.

Pool Pump Ratings: It has eight stars under energy efficient ratings. It comes with three years warranty. The pool pump has inbuilt twenty-four hour timer. It offers four time periods every day with various speed settings. It offers a powerful vacuum. It can drive about six spa jets. It consists of high-temperature engineering plastics and stainless steel hardware closures. It helps to consume 374 kWh of energy per year.

Pentair: It has obtained eight-star ratings for energy efficiency. The Ramp and cam lid are simple to remove. It gets locked easily with a simple turn. For automation control, it has digital inputs. It comes with four programmable speeds. It helps the users to select the time for each setting. When the time is over, it will set to the next speed on own. It enables fine tuning of the circulation and filtration. It consists of a permanent magnetic motor that is radial flux and 1100W. It is serviceable. It is available at reasonable price. It is one of the latest and popular pump models in the market.

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