Jean Paul Gut

Jean Paul Gut is a French economist well known for his role as the head of aviation consulting company EADS for which he has held several high profile positions mostly dealing with development, technology and strategic management. Mr. Jean-Gut received his education from the prestigious Institute d’Etudes Paris where he graduated with a master’s degree in Economics. Mr. Jean-Gut is well known for his leadership at some of the Europe’s top companies where he has enjoyed considerable financial success.

Mr. Jean Gut joined Mantra during early 1980s a company in which he left his mark as an export marketing and development analyst. As from the 1990s he was largely responsible for handling of the company’s international businesses. Later he was made responsible for handling business operations of Lagardere; Matra’s holding company for which he was charged with the responsibility of serving as the director to the technological sector, international operations as well as being an adviser to the president of Matra Group of Companies.

The year 200 saw a merger between Aerospatiale and Matra Defense; this change in business structure led to Mr. Jean Gut being made the chairman of the resulting company, Aerospatiale Matra Lagardere Group. In his position, he was responsible for management of the defense and space exploration sectors of Aerospatiale Matra; one of the constituent companies of EADS. Mr. Jean -Gut enjoyed lots of tremendous success with EADS with his biggest notable achievement being made a member of the company’s board of directors as well as the executive committee. As of 2007, Mr. Jean Gut took over the helms of Lagardere UK Company under which the company enjoyed lots of success under his guidance.

Having spending over a decade managing some of the Europe’s top aviation companies, Jean-Gut founded his private company; the Armat Group in the year 2008. Armat Group is a company that specifically deals in financial assets management, real estate development and private equity dealings. The Armat Group has heavily invested in many small and medium scale enterprises in different sectors like sports, media, telecommunications and defense.

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