Details Related To End Of The World


When the disciples were asked about the end of the world at Mathew 24, most people highlighted the indications earthquakes, famines, and wars. When the Greek language without punctuation is analyzed, the military is said to be a force for destruction. It is believed that Christ has mentioned that flood will be causing the destruction. It is stated that two will be left in the field, and one will be taken, and other will be left. This means the flood will take some people, and the other good people will be left behind. This particular statement is supported by many other prophecies like Nathan Shepard’s Prophecy.

It is suggested to expect a lot of sudden and unexpected events to happen in the world as this are also a sign of destruction. Safety and peace will be very hard to find at the times of destruction. It is also said that there are signs of evil servant coming. In fact, out of the many signs that are discussed by the Mathew 24, this is said to be the final one. It is said that the evil servant is approaching, and this coming is delayed by Lord because he can smite his fellow servants.


Even though a lot of peace and safety declarations have been announced, it will be very difficult to prevent the sound of hoof beats that confirms the start of the apocalypse. There are a lot of books and reviews available on the market that will be stating the various signs and ways to know and escape from the destruction caused at the time of the end of the days. Most people state that belief in the God will be the only way to escape from the destruction. There are a lot of meetings and conferences that are held in order to get a better idea of this survival of end of the days.

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