Wonder How Jet Of Hydrogen Stream Is Produced?

Good water is the kick start of good health. Turapur Pitcher, the next generation aqua purifier, is one of the leading and innovative firms in providing safe drinking gadgets. Turapur not only pours out clean water but also stuff the water with Hydrogen ions during the process of filtration. This remarkable feature of Tarapur makes it different from other purifiers available in the market.

You might be wondering how you would be energized and comfortable with a mere filtration system at home. The cloud of anti-aging factors present in fresh water brings eager to understand the technical know-how of the Turapur water filter. A sound knowledge regarding this can be accomplished through Turapur.com giving the idea and mechanism behind the filtration process.

Turapur has a dual step technology to provide hydrogen filled water. It consists of series of layers of mineral-rich bed within its unit. The primary layer is the Activated Carbon where the odor and stinking taste of water entraps. Preceding that is the softening layer which is the Ion-exchange resin layer. Here the water is softened by imparting sophisticated chemical ion reaction, making it edible and fresh. These main layers are followed by the custom made layer of Magnesium, Infrared ceramics and Tourmaline. The As the tap water flows and hits the layer, hydrogen gets trapped inside. The magnesium ions embedded reacts with hydrogen to release free hydrogen ions, making the water fresh and clean. The final outcome is an improved taste and restored with upgraded water quality and mineral content with the balancing of the pH level. Tourmaline plays the major role in promoting the release of more Hydrogen ions, transforming the water to power boosters.

Turapur uses a selective filtering media to get rid of the different contaminants from water. Today, technology has switched-on to build careful water purification systems that enable thorough filtration system to get rid of the contaminants. Hence, to sustain in the market, the manufacturers should be aware of the quality of the water purifier before it reaches the customers. Turapur is a cutting edge delivery system ensuring the best and safe mode of drinking water at your door-step.

According to the World Health Organization and United Nations Childrens’ Fund, one in six people of the total world population resides at the locations where drinking water is scarce. With portable water purifier like Turapur, the risk of water-borne diseases worn out and keeps people necessarily hydrated throughout. Furthermore, travelers or the community that rely on bottled water for cleaning, cooking and drinking produces a lot of unwanted plastic wastes which is a threat to the environment. Turapur should be considered in such cases, as it is handy and instantaneously purifies the water at our will.

The price of Turapur Water Pitcher is available at quite an affordable rate of $19.95 excluding the shipping charges. The replaceable Pitcher costs $15 where one Pitcher lasts for full 60days. Investing a total amount of $45 will change the aquaculture which you have been following throughout your life, without knowing the consequences.

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